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WE are YOU


THRIVE is a personal and professional Therapy, Counseling, and Life Coaching Agency. THRIVE offers a diverse set of services for couples, families, individuals, youth, schools, and groups.


I built Love Alliance on the belief that Love is the required basis of all happiness and empowerment. I strongly believe in the power of love; especially the love of yourself! And that is what I primarily focus on. I take a holistic approach to self-improvement, and center all of my work on helping you, as an individual, become self-fulfilled. Once this happens, you will be amazed at how things in your life just start to improve! I'm telling you, when you have realized your potential and begin living your life on purpose, you are better equipped to nurture positive relationships, and end the bad ones! Love Alliance can help make a true positive difference in your life.


Through use of research proven psychology theories and techniques, we have created specialized programs to counsel you in being your most authentic self, and opening you up to life’s chief treasure: Love & Happiness!

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