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Jennifer Lee Starks

I'm in the business of learning about you, and to earn your trust I need to also let you know a bit about me! Here it goes... I am a wife, a mother, and a relentless joy seeker! First and foremost, however, I am a Happy Woman. I live what I teach, and that's the only reason I so firmly stand behind Love Alliance and all it offers. I sincerely believe that life is all about fulfillment,authentic living, and happiness.


My marriage is the utmost fulfilling relationship in my life, next to my connection with self and God. I have been blessed to be with my husband, Demitris, for over 17 years now; daily I look forward to a lifetime more! Together we have 3 flourishing children whom make us come alive in new ways each and every day. My family is my oasis. In many respects it’s because of them that I have worked tirelessly to find and hold on to my own happiness. That overwhelming feeling of utopia is why I have committed the my life to helping you find your joy! It’s not always easy, but man is it worth it.


I am formally educated and have extensive experience in the Counseling Psychology discipline of Marriage and Family Therapy. I entered the field of psychology as an individual and family therapist, and have since begun coaching individuals and couples on what it takes to develop and sustain healthy relationships – starting on the relationship with their selves. You will be amazed to find out how much our view of ourselves impacts our career and love success. In addition to running Love Alliance, I am also a public school Mental Health Clinician.


Developing a positive image and high regard for YOU is the first step in achieving ultimate triumph in whatever it is you seek. And I can help you do that. In fact, I’m pretty great at it. That is what brought me to create Love Alliance. I founded Love Alliance with the aspiration of helping people to change their lives; not just to better them, but to make them prosperous. I encourage you to take me up on that.


Until then, be very well! Always Love,

 Jennifer Lee Starks

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