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Small Groups

We meant what we said; THRIVE is truly a holistic personal and professional counseling agency. We want to see you excel at all angles of your life. THRIVE has researched and implemented the most effective psychology and therapy based curriculum available on the following life supplementing small group workshops. First, a quick note about groups:


Have you ever had a family member miss a regularly scheduled dinner and think "something feels off without them here"? Small groups are EXACTLY the same! As a part of a group you will begin to join and connect with the other members. You will look forward to talking to one another in group, begin to trust each other, and possibly even seek their advice. As such, it is important to us for your individual development that you commit to the entire 8 week sessions to keep the discussions and bonds growing. Groups are charged for the entire 8 weeks, so it truly is to your optimal benefit, financially and emotionally, that you attend each session.

Parenting & Caregiving

(8 Sessions)

Parenting a child is the hardest job you will ever have! It is also the most rewarding. We sometimes make mistakes, and need support along the way, so let me help. The mission of the evidence-based curriculum I use for this course is to educate and mobilize families, professionals, and communities to prevent unintentional violence against young children before it starts. Designed as an 8-week education program, I teach parents and caregivers about basic child development, positive age-appropriate discipline, parenting styles, anger management skills, conflict resolution, media safety, and any other topics relevant to violence-prevention with children

Relationship Matters

(8 Sessions)

This group series goes deep into discussion of common relationship matters. It offers a safe platform for feedback and advice on navigating the pressures of relationships. Each week a different topic is discussed and worked through amongst all members of the group with a Marriage & Family Therapy trained facilitator. Familiar topics of past groups have included: emotional infidelity, physical infidelity, long distance relationships, love after divorce, dating before divorce, pressure to get married, how to break-up, wondering eye, and "Is It Cheating, If...?"

Positive Self-Image  (for teens)

(8 Sessions)

This is a wellness program to advance girl power, health, and leadership! This all-girl group addresses critical issues of body preoccupation to reduce risk for eating and other unhealthy self-image disorders. We also target anti-bullying and encourage girls forming a united front and standing up for one another. Through discussions, games, and exercises, I stress personal power and overall mental and physical well-being, and teach your daughters coping skills for resisting unhealthy peer and cultural pressures. Between media/celebrities, and peer pressure, our girls are at heightened risk of unhealthy self-esteem and bullying. I teach them the importance of standing alone, together, and for others!

Just Because

(8 Sessions)

This is an adult group intended to serve as a safe space for individuals to collaborate and get support surrounding career and life challenges, stress, grief, and other critical issues causing an impact on their personal lives and relationships. Discussion themes and support topics are decided at the start of each group by group members, collectively. Same sex only groups available upon demand, but for the most part this group is run co-ed.

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