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Love Alliance specializes in Mindful Matchmaking services for single individuals seeking long-term love.


Our offerings are truly unique, and the first of its kind. We are the only known agency to offer a holistic approach to matchmaking! All individuals approved for Love Alliance matchmaking services have completed our incredibly successful Love Alliance Relationship & Wellness Coaching. This is what sets us apart from your average online dating services or other matchmaking agencies. We do not match people for relationships until they have completed our 12 week intensive relationship & wellness coaching program, and have been deemed relationship-ready by a Marriage & Family Therapy trained coach. Just think about it; whomever we match you with will have dedicated the same amount of time to strengthening their character, and ensuring their own relationship readiness.


As you continue your search for matchmaking services, I invite you to keep in mind that majority of adult relationships that end have failed because one or both of the duo are carrying past relationship traumas that have affected their self-image. Not addressing that means they have not yet freed themselves for happiness. Relationship traumas can be those experienced with parents, close friends, or past lovers. Love Alliance ensures that anybody entering our Matchmaking services have done all of the self-work necessary in being open to receiving and giving sincere love. And we don’t just make this a “requirement”; we make it happen for you! Love Alliance is truly an agency dedicated to helping you flourish.

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